Transaction Advisory and M&A

As the stakes for both buyer and seller is very high in every sale/purchase deal, it requires experience, determination, and rationality to bring deals safely to a conclusion. Our dedicated team of experts will support in every possible area to execute the transaction.

Buy/Sale Side Assist

From initial feasibility, due diligence and business valuation to the closing of the transaction, we maintain a focus on the successful execution of every aspect of deal along with maximum value for our clients. Deals are an opportunity for faster growth, stronger capabilities and dramatic transformation. Harnessing this potential requires foresight that only comes from experience and confidence. We assist our clients on deals from planning to successful closure. This includes advisory to buyer as well seller.

Merger and Acquisitions (M&A)

Now a days, Merger and Acquisitions has become one of the important tools for business expansion. We help clients develop appropriate growth strategies based on their goals to capitalize on opportunities during the merger, acquisitions, or divestiture process.

Due Diligence Review

Due diligence review is an important aspect of any sale/purchase deal. Our financial / legal / tax / managerial / technical experts are always eager to deliver their best in carrying a due diligence review.


Before jumping into any new venture its always necessary to carry out a feasibility. Our dedicated team of experts works as your business partner to help you in assessing the feasibility of the new venture.

Business Valuation

We select the most appropriate internationally acceptable valuation approach to arrive at a fair business value and provide a solid assistance to our clients prior to accepting or making an offer to counterparty. Valuations can also be done for family or business settlements, dispute resolutions, purchase price allocations etc.

Financial Modeling

We assist you in financial modeling for various purposes such as business cases, restructuring, acquisitions/ divestments, valuations, forecasts and budget.

Deal Execution

We assist in every aspect for successful execution of a deal.

Transaction Tax

We provide consulting service to minimize transaction tax ensuring full compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements.

Regulatory Compliance

A M&A deal brings regulatory issues during its execution. We assist our clients in properly dealing with the regulatory issues resulting from the proposed M&A deal.

Post- Merger Support

We assist our clients before the M&A deal, during its execution and even after its successful completion. Post -merger support is crucial for smooth functioning of the business.