Information Security

Biz Serve IT works as an advisor to understand the nuances for your business. Only after an in-depth analysis, we make security recommendations.

Information System (IS) Audit and Investigation

We understand the importance of an effective information system and hence we perform in-depth IS audit and investigation in specialized areas. We review and evaluate the existing policies and IT General Controls (ITGC), examine existing IT infrastructure and its compliance with regulatory requirements. We conduct IS Audit in span of following areas:


Network and Communication


Business Applications

Information Security Architecture

Composite Information Technology

Review of Business Partner Management Procedures

Baseline & Analysis of Key Business Applications & IT components

Any other areas to be specifically covered under existing legal framework and regulatory guideline.

Vulnerability Assessment (VA)

We conduct a vulnerability assessment to identify devices on network that are open to known vulnerabilities without compromising the system. Vulnerability Assessment is performed in the areas of Database Service, Core System, Human Resource, Firewall, Routers, Email Server, Mobile Banking etc. Standard tools like Nmap, Open VAS, Wireshark, Metasploit, Kali Linux are used to carry out the vulnerability assessments.

Penetration Test (PT)

We evaluate the network infrastructure from the perspective of an insider / outsider attacker with no prior knowledge to the network

Our services cover the following areas:

External and Internal Penetration Testing

Physical Security Assessment

Network Architecture Security Assessment

Application Security Assessment

Virtual infrastructure Assessment

Security Awareness Program Assessment