The advisory covers all-round, from the analysis of the credit reputation (and its enhancement) up to the implementation of a profitable banking relationship meeting the real needs.
Here are some services that Reanda Biz Serve extends to Clients
• Revenue Assurance of Banks and Financial Institutions
• Credit Portfolio Analysis
• Analysis of new banking forms for asset and liability payments, spot/short-term loan
agreements, receivables channeling and factoring
• Banking Analysis and Assessment
• Banking and Financial Business Plan, Continuous Business Plan
• Strategic financial planning
• Financial marketing and a whole range of related documentation, always updated and properly communicated
• Assessment of the current corporate financial structure
• Cash management in order to reduce as much as possible the financial burdens connected to liquidity shortfalls as well as to foster the growth of financial income deriving from investments of any liquidity surplus.
• Management of relationships with banks, as well as creation of new deals.
• Forecasting of financial flows (namely cash and bank accounts flows) to ascertain that income and expenses show off a certain balance, so as not to create problems of lack of liquidity for the company.
• Development of financial plans and sustainability of investments

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