Are you a foreigner looking for BUSINESS VISA in Nepal ?

Nepal is a popular business destination for foreign investors as doing business in Nepal is alluring and enduring. Foreign investment can undertake business in various sectors under the act Foreign Investment and Technology Transfer Act 2049 (FITTA). All policies and regulations related to Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) are mentioned on FITTA 2049.

However, in the absence of appropriate guidance, complying with all the rules and regulations associated to business visa processing can be hectic and time consuming for you. Information regarding business visa is not hard to find nevertheless, to get recommendation from Department of Industries; it requires a chain of activities where one might get lost in the middle of nowhere. And as investor, your priority is to focus on core business actions to achieve competitive advantage not to get jammed on legal issue.

Legal procedures related to visa is very complex which is a fact that can’t be overlooked. So, if you’re a foreign investor and want to invest in Nepal then taking visa processing service is worthwhile. Depending upon the nature of the business and other factors, business visa differs which can create hassle if one cannot understand legal procedures. To deal with business visa issues, going to a FDI consultant is a right decision for your company. Biz Serve known a promising and reliable FDI consultant for you which will facilitates following business visa processing services required for FDI:

  • Non-tourist Visa

Non-tourist visa is visa for foreign national who wants to carry out any study or research with the objective of making investment in Nepal.

  • Business Visa

Business visa is for an investor who is doing business in Nepal .In addition to that, family members and representatives of the person are also eligible for the Visa.

  • Residential Visa

Residential Visa is for investor who has invested at least one hundred thousand US dollar in Nepal and similarly his or her dependent family can apply for a residential visa.

Beside business visa processing, Biz Serve as a business advisory firm can stand as a one stop solution to serve FDI in Nepal where you find the following services to make you operation convenient:

  • FDI approval and business registration

Structuring of investment, incorporation of local joint venture, obtaining regulatory approvals and documentation of transaction documents are included in this service. Biz Serve can assist clients in obtaining approvals, provide guidance to set up liaison offices, draft various policies and documents related to operations, and help them tax related matters.

  • Drafting policies

Company need to develop policies related to Finance, Human Resource and Accounting. Such policies can be drafted by Biz Serve which will make your job much easier and convenient.

  • Foreign investment repatriation

Foreign investment repatriation is issue which required series of activity and required lot of time. Biz Serve as FDI consulting firm makes your repatriation process easy and hassle free.

  • Business-Visa processing

All the legal services required in obtaining non-tourist visa, business visa and residential visa is provided under this service category.

  • Intellectual property (trademark, patent & design registration)

From start-ups to large corporate businesses rely upon advisory firm on the development, protection and enforcement of their IP rights. Here the firm offers services like registration and renewal of Trademark, Patent, Design and Copyrights.

  • Business Shutdown and Liquidation

Business might need service on mergers, acquisitions, amalgamations, joint ventures and all other types of foreign collaborations and Biz Serve can assist in obtaining regulatory approvals and finalizing all documents and agreements.

  • Corporate and Transactional Documentation

This service includes commercial contracts such as consultancy agreements, Memorandum of Understanding, collaboration agreements and partnership agreements, joint venture agreements, shareholder’s agreements, acquisition agreements.

Investing in Nepal can be a good decision for foreign investor as Nepal is emerging country that has a lot of scope to explore and develop. And to prioritize your business affairs, taking services from Biz Serve is a best option which will guide you on legal and financial ground.