Borrower Consulting

Our experts understand the business complexity and ever changing environment to provide advisory services while making strategic decisions. Borrowing has become inseparable part of any business. Without borrowing, it’s very hard for any business to grow. We provide borrower consulting services in different areas.

Feasibility Study / Business Plan

A properly drafted business plan supported by carefully conducted feasibility study is the pre-requisite for negotiating business / project loan. Our team of experts assists in developing business plan according to the need of the clients.

Corporate Finance

Everything from capital investment decisions to investment banking, we assist our clients so that it maximizes shareholders’ value through long-term and short term financial planning, optimal debt-equity mix and the implementation of various strategies.

Client’s Representation

We support our clients by representing them in any borrowing negotiations with the financial institutions.

Expenditure Verification

Large projects financed by the banks and financial institutions incur heavy expenditure during the construction phase. We provide expenditure verification service to the banks/borrowers for the smooth accomplishment of the project.