13th December 2015

Taxation Responsibilities of the Ventures

Taxation Responsibilities of the Ventures We may hate taxation, everybody does. But we know that we can’t avoid it either. And, especially if you are an aspiring start-up venture with long run vision and looking for scaling-up through external financing, you should never avoid paying taxes. We would tell you why on […]
15th December 2015

5 things you must do after registering your business

You finally made decision to get your venture registered. Now what is next? In this article, we have outlined 5 things that you MUST do to manage your business’ accounts and finances immediately after the completion of business registration process. 1. Registration with Tax Authorities: All the ventures, regardless of their size, […]
29th March 2016

स्टार्टअप्समैत्री कानुन खै ?

संसारभरी नै अहिले व्यवसायमा स्टार्टअप्स मोडल सुरु भइसकेको छ, नेपालमा विस्तारै सुरुवात भइरहेको छ । स्टार्टअप्स, नलेजवेस भ्यालुएड गर्ने विजिनेस हो । यसमा आइडिया (बुद्धि) धेरै हुन्छ तर पुँजी भने कम हुन्छ । आइडियालाई विजिनेसमा रुपान्तरण (कन्भर्ट) गर्ने प्रकृयालाई स्टार्टअप्स भनिन्छ ।  सुरुवाती व्यवासय गर्न स्टार्टअप्ससँग मूल्यवान (भ्यालुएवल) आइडिया त हुन्छ तर […]
29th March 2016

राहत होइन कर फिर्ता, सम्पति नरहेपछि त्यसका लागि तिरिएको कर फिर्ता हुनु पर्छ

बैशाख १२ मा आएको भुकम्प र त्यसपछिका पराकम्पनले जनताको ज्यानसँगै सम्पतिमा पनि ठूलो क्षति पुगेको छ । सम्पति गुमाएकाहरुलाई राज्यले अहिले राहतका कार्यक्रमहरु ल्याएको छ । सरकारले घर ध्वस्त भएकाहरुलाई दुई लाख रुपैयाँसम्म दिने घोषणै गरिसकेको छ । तर राज्यले दिएको त्यो रकम राहत हो कि जनताले कमाएर सरकारलाई बुझाएको कर फिर्ता […]
23rd October 2016

Are you a foreigner looking for BUSINESS VISA in Nepal ?

Nepal is a popular business destination for foreign investors as doing business in Nepal is alluring and enduring. Foreign investment can undertake business in various sectors under the act Foreign Investment and Technology Transfer Act 2049 (FITTA). All policies and regulations related to Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) are mentioned on FITTA 2049. […]
6th June 2017

Highlights of Nepal’s Annual Budget 2017-18

Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Krishna Bahadur Mahara presented the budget at the meeting of the Legislature-parliament on 15th Jestha, 2074. The government has unveiled a budget of Rs. 1,278.99 billion for the fiscal year 2074-75 (2017-18). This budget is backed by an estimated economic growth rate of 6.94 percent, the […]
14th March 2018


14th March 2018

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