Biz Serve IT

Biz Serve IT Pvt. Ltd.

Biz Serve IT Pvt. Ltd is a limited liability company registered under Companies Act of Nepal. It provides Information Technology (IT) consulting services and technology solutions to meet the changing needs of businesses and corporates. Our diverse practice areas, strategic partnerships with international IT Service providers, highly trained and certified IT consultants make Biz Serve IT uniquely qualified to provide comprehensive, high-value solutions that deliver real business impact to our customers.

Biz Serve IT is a subsidiary company of Reanda Biz Serve Pvt. Ltd. . Reanda Biz Serve is a network firm of Reanda International, an international network of independent accounting and consulting firms. Reanda International is one of the leading international networks in Asia and one of the fastest growing networks globally. With the support of Reanda Network, both Reanda Biz Serve and Biz serve IT can assist and serve their clients to navigate an increasingly complex global business environment and penetrate in international business arena.

Our Approach

Biz Serve IT adopts a standard approach and methodology to serve its clients to a highest satisfaction level. The approach includes the following:

Leverage our Biz Serve’s experience of various projects which we successfully completed.

Bring tools and templates used in previous assignments to accelerate the project.

Flexible program plan phased and aligned to the key milestones of client.

Arrange a team that has deep experience in the related field.

Constantly collaborate with the client's team to meet their expectations.