Accounting & Bookkeeping

Business relies on information whether it is financial, market related or human information. To lead in competitive market, strong financial information is a business need. To meet such need, we cater financial accounting service where all the financial information is maintained which serve to make prudent financial and investment decision.

Financial and Cost Accounting

Tracking of financial information using standardized guidelines is of utmost importance in any business. Also, to make the solid decision in the company, cost accounting information is value additive to decision makers. With our team of professionals, we provide financial and cost accounting service to our clients that satisfy their expectations.


Ensuring that records of financial transactions are correct, up-to-date and comprehensive is the need of business. We make sure to our clients that financial aspect of business transactions are systematically recorded in an appropriate manner.

Payroll Management

We assist our clients in enhancing organizational performance by providing support in strategic benefits. Also, complying with legislation, we manage our clients’ payroll system which boosts their operational efficiency.

Financial Statement Preparation and Reporting Compliance

Our team members equipped with requisite in-depth knowledge and professional qualifications provide support to our clients in preparation of financial statement and complying with reporting requirement.

IFRS Conversion and Compliance with Local Reporting Standards

With the rapid change of business modality around the globe, reporting in common language is a pre-requisite for the investors in order to make their firm's decisions. To cope with International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS), local accounting/reporting standards are to be adopted/converted accordingly. We provide a wide range of services of conversion/adoption in full compliance with the requirement of IFRS/NFRS from our imminent experts.