Policy and Strategy Formulation, Assessment and Advisory

Our team of experts assist you develop IT strategies that are aligned to your business and strategic objectives.

We assist you to

  • Evaluate existing policies and practices
  • Implement the required changes
  • Create and deploy comprehensive surety policies, standards guidelines and operating procedures
E-governance and Business Process Optimization (BPO) Consulting

Our services in BPO will enable you to:

  • Effectively map, evaluate, improve, and prioritize business processes
  • Reduce project costs
  • Identify and eliminate process inefficiencies
  • Speed up implementation cycles
  • Capitalize the benefits of business transformation
Procurement (Hardware/Software) Assessment and Consulting

Procuring a corporate-scale hardware/software can entail heavy investment. Our seasoned consultants can offer suggestions on what equipment, software, or licenses are right for you.

Our services are:

  • Software Procurement Consulting
  • Hardware Procurement Consulting
  • Hardware Maintenance Procurement Consulting
  • IT Asset Management Strategy
  • IT Asset Management Transformation
  • Software License Compliance Consulting
Penetration Testing, IS Audit and Investigation

Any intentional or unintentional compromise on Informational System can be detrimental to an organization’s confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Our IT security experts use best tools to perform vulnerability assessments that identify the highest potential risk to your environment. Our services cover the following areas:

  • External and Internal Penetration Testing
  • Threat and Vulnerability Assessment
  • Physical Security Assessment
  • Network Architecture Security Assessment
  • Application Security Assessment
  • Virtual infrastructure Assessment
  • Security Awareness Program Assessment

We have a team of diverse IT security experts, who bring a deep understanding of Internal Information System Audits, Application Control and Security Services, Pre and Post Implementation Reviews

Our expertise and service extends to

  • Information Systems (IS) audit process
  • IT Governance
  • Systems and Infrastructure Lifecycle Management
  • IT Service Delivery and Support
  • Protection of Information Assets
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
Training on Information Security

We help you to be updated in a rapidly evolving Information Industry. We provide pertinent information security training courses to help you keep your skills sharp.

We tailor our training modules to best suit your requirements on factors such as:

  • Customer Orientation
  • Commitment to quality
  • Cost-Effectiveness, Convenience
  • Customer Service