Start-up Mentoring

Nurturing entrepreneurship and making an idea a success We are providing free mentoring to entrepreneurs in Nepal.

Startup mentoring is designed to accelerate entrepreneurship where your ideas will be guided by experts from different domain. This program will facilitate entrepreneurs in odd times with experts’ insight and best practiced management consulting. We offer free startup mentoring session in the field of business set up, accounting and book keeping, legal, tax and management aspects.

What we do for startups?

  • Provide guidance from start up to scale up
  • Helps to build networks
  • Mentoring startups to form strong management system
  • Advise on financial and tax aspects
  • Offer tailored consulting for startup operation

Looking for Support?

How Reanda Biz Serve can support startup: Free Startup mentoring
Thinking of starting up something new on your own as an entrepreneur or walking with a vision to scale up your business, then one must remember that “Good things never come easy”. An entrepreneur will witness stumbling blocks on their way which might slow down the speed. Entrepreneurs at times get lost while moving ahead hence it is important to have proper guidance to step your foot on right direction. To create an entrepreneurial legacy and to guide entrepreneurs at odd time, free startup mentoring program is developed by Biz Serve. Let’s see how startup mentoring will solve your issues and will add value to your business: 

Pre-registration consulting: Business registration process is quite hectic and in absence of proper knowledge, it might take long time. One has to move around numbers of government offices and follow policies as per business nature. We can guide you on how to develop capital structure, where to register under concern legal and tax status of entity and registration process. Hence, Biz Serve can provide you information which will make your registration process much easier and address your questions like what, where, when.
Guidance to form Business Model: If you are facing problem to create a business model, then this mentoring program is appropriate for you. Mentors will guide you to understand business model where you can understand cycle of your business which includes knowing your revenue model, operational procedure, administrative aspects and financing approach. Here, you can find out weaknesses and threats of your business model and improve on it.

Experts meet up: Experts meet up is designed to solve issue of startups while undertaking series of activities. We have experts in the field of Finance, Accounts, Law, Tax and Management. You can come and interact with experts to build strong technical background.

Access to network: Network provides aspiration, advices, and opportunities where entrepreneur can create potential business relation, find investors, meet industry experts, share resources and increase client base. Biz Serve can connect your business to related field and help you to expand your initiation. To find the right connection, the hardest part is to start and Biz Serve can be your starting point where you can leverage from entrepreneurship eco-system as one might have overlooked some factors that are significant to business.

Business Advisory: While walking as entrepreneur one might need business advice to take a wise decision. And for any business either to start or to expand, business advisory will assist to make right decision. Here, we can guide to develop a viable product, and make investment in productive sectors along with possible liabilities to meets.
Legal compliance advice: If you are seeking legal advice related to business registration, taxation in order to compliance with legal aspects then we can provide you legal advices. Complying with legal aspects builds strong base to any business in future time hence it is good to take some advice before making decisions.

Tailored Mentoring: For an entrepreneur roads are line with pitfalls. And these pitfalls depend upon the complexity of business. To provide rational and realistic solution to such problems, we provide you tailored mentoring. Industry experts from industries like manufacturing, tourism, agriculture and service will interact with you to give industry insights that will provide you solution depending upon your business model. Beside this you can get insights from experts who will give you idea on technical know-how in the field of legal, finance, accounting, tax and management.
Taking advices and having mentor always add value while doing business. Being an entrepreneur demand numbers of roles where one might face challenges. So, if you are looking for startup support, we can support you with free start up mentoring program. 


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